Intravitreal Capsids
Intravitreal Capsids

Atsena’s novel AAV capsids for intravitreal injection
have improved potency and the ability to evade pre-existing neutralizing antibodies

Because a significant number of people have been naturally exposed to them, patients often have pre-existing immunity to common AAVs that may prevent them from being candidates for trials or responding to therapy. This is especially important for intravitreally delivered gene therapies. Atsena’s novel AAV capsids for intravitreal injection are engineered to improve potency and selected to avoid detection by the patient’s immune system, expanding the potential patient population and use of therapy.

Our capsids for intravitreal injection evade AAV neutralizing antibodies, are more potent than benchmark vectors and can be administered as an outpatient procedure.

Robust GFP expression in the primate eye (Atsena IVT capsid)

Atsena’s capsid variants outperform current benchmarks.

Atsena’s P2-V1 outperforms both AAV7.8 and AAV2 in the ability to overcome neutralization by anti-AAV2 antibodies in human vitreous

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